Act Like an Owner


I heard this phrase early on in my consulting career, and it’s stuck with me probably more than any phrase on how to approach work. 

First and foremost, whether you are the “owner” in name, or just an employee, you ARE an owner.

Acting like one infects so many actions you take at work. Every action you take can have a positive or negative impact on the financial health of where you work.

When you take on ownership, you change to a mindset of accountability. This is empowering. Your peers and supervisors will start to notice. Furthermore, you feel more vested in the outcomes not only of your work, but for others. Your tolerance for subpar work goes down, because with an owner’s mindset, you are less likely to see anything negatively impact the organization.

Practice it on little things. For example, color copies: if you were the owner of the company, how would I feel? Would I print this in color at home? Is it worth the extra 80 cents? Or would I rather have that money be reinvested somewhere else?