Dominate the Seconds


Look to adopt any skills or tips that shave seconds off of common tasks.

Most every knowledge worker spends their day in front of some form of computer. Each of these computers have shortcuts that can be learned, if you put in the time.

Seconds per task add up to minutes per day, which can add up to an hour or two per week. Multiply those hours by 48 weeks and you’ve saved yourself almost at least a week of work.

A few examples:

  • Learn how to use quick keys and keyboard shortcuts. This is a wealth of time savings if you put the time into it. This article from Lifehacker is a good introduction. I can’t overemphasize how impactful this can be.
  • Be your own personal logistics expert. Consider your routes within the office. Map out the most efficient directions – whether it’s stairs or elevator, or certain hallways. Think about where you grab your coffee.
  • Enter data once, like meeting notes. And do it in formats that support other requests that may come into your inbox.